Qingdao ZhongKeKunTai Precast Construction Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, manufactures, supplies and erects recast concrete in various types of construction projects throughout the country. The company experts, not only in systems involving mostly in residential and commercial construction areas, but also have a thorough knowledge of the precast technology, assembly lines and mould production, all of which can offer our clients interior and exterior solutions of the constructions, covering all kinds of infrastructure fields, environmental projects, and technical services, etc. 



We operate from our own 1.44 million sq. ft. manufactory buildings, including 7,000 sq.m. underground advanced intelligent assembly lines, and offer a full range of affordable, professional and all season services. We cover production of precast concrete and molding includes sills, bands, columns, etc., and the annual capacity could be achieved around 300,000 cu. m.



We have been recognized as Municipal Technology Innovation Center, and have founded a cooperating platform to do the significant studies on precast technologies and to complete some construction projects, with major academies and best known organizations, eg. Tsinghua Uni., Tongji Uni, Qingdao Uni. Of Technology, China Architecture Design and Research Group, and Shandong Road & Overpass Group, etc.

We have established our own 1,000 sq.m. professional laboratories in the cities of Qingdao and Jinan. Meanwhile, in order to have a further achievement and gather more talents, we also have founded the institutes in the cities of Qingdao, Jinnan, Shanghai, and an overseas one in Canada. Most of the studies are concentrated on construction with smart functions, environmental productions, future urban development, technology exploration, deeper changes on production methods. With all the results of these studies, it will benefit our future and give a fully support of our groups strategic development in the market. 



ZhongKeKunTai prides ourselves in providing services that have helped it in becoming one of the leading precast companies in China. The companys technical innovation and accomplishments have been achieved, around 200 of which have applied for the national patents. Most assets are invested in R&D on mouldes and precast products, intelligent equipment and mechanical innovations, such as Multifunctional CNC Reinforcement Moulding Machine and Underground Automatic Intelligent CNC Assembling Lines.

Our decades of experience in precast concrete and moudles as well as site preparation and service installations for commercial and industrial sites will ensure that we can make one part of the project that will be completed on time and on cost.