Haiwang Rd S. & Fengdunshan Rd E.

We are running a business for the long term, and this requires tenacious commitment to high quality of services and highest standard of integrity. At no stage of the project should our client feel overcharged or underwhelmed with our material or our services.


Zhongqi Feicuiyajun

Our precast elements are used in many construction applications: commercial, industrial and institutional, and arrive at the project site ready to be installed by our skilled labour force.

On this specific requirement, we modified the R-value by altering the panel thickness to accommodate for the client’s specific needs.  


Ocean Crown Villa

Our panels conform to the most current standards and are manufactured with a minimum value. Our trained installers will have the building closed in and ready for interior finishing, thus saving our clients’ time and money. We values trust and works very hard to ensure that we exceed the client’s expectations.


High-Grade Resident